DeLuca's Bakery, Deli & Groceria
BoarsHead Sandwich & Sub Shop

     Specializing in Pastries, Cookies and Pure Italian Breads 

Gourmet Brownies (Plain, Walnut and Reese's)
Muffins(Blueberry, White/Alm Raspberry, Orange, Choc. Chip, Lemon poppy, Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry)
Danish/Single or Double(cherry, blueberry, pineapple, apricot, apple and cream cheese).
Bear claws
Summer delights (choc cake filled with french cream and chocolste covered
Italian Cannoli's-Plain or choc(Large and small)
Buttercream Icing/Cream Cheese Cannoli's
Pasticiotti (Lemon, Custard and Choc)
Large/Mini Cream Puffs
Large/Mini Lady locks
Large Éclair's
Pineapple upside down Cakes
Cinnamon Rolls (Plain iced or with Pecans) 
Pineapple apple upside cake
Strudels(cherry,blueberry,apricot and apple)
Coffee cakes(Caramel Apple, Cinnimon Walnut & New York Style)
Elephant ears
Apple Dumploings
Cheese cakes
Angel Food Cake
Pound Cake
Banana Nut Bread
Strawberry Angel Food Parfaits
Saigon Danish Coffee Cakes